server are reworking now
server are reworking . Fixing all bugs, class balance, server economy , soon as possible we will came back with fresh stable and balanced server without bugs. New server information will be posted soon
Server started successfully!!!
Server started successfully. See you in game. Good luck!
(OBT)finished server ready to Grand Opening 13 July 21:00 GMT+3
Test mode finished server ready to Grand Opening. Thank you Testers for help make the server more balanced,all reported bugs are fixed,and we promise don't stop with server updates!!! See you in game !
Grand Opening: 13 July
We are happy to announce the opening date of PvP Zone x250 Interlude server. We will open Sever on 13 July time 21:00 UTC/GMT+3
Open beta server (OBT) at June 14 20:00 gmt+3
[No Custom PvP Server] Opens for Beta test on June 14 2019 At 20:00 GMT+3 We are waiting for you all. For more information visit features section or forum. Account creation is automatic just enter in game login and password and your account will be created immediately. See you in game !